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How To Build A 6 Figures Hot Shot Trucking Company

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How to start a Hotshot business

You have so many questions, What exactly is a Hotshot ? Can I make any money? How much do I need to invest? Do I have to go on the road, can I drive locally. What are the pitfalls? Can I do it? What about DOT , CDL, ELD, all that shit sounds complicated.

Well it can be very complicated and overwhelming. Hotshot trucking has taken America and the world by storm. One of the fastest growing trades and industry ever. You might say it is a modern gold rush. Why? Because the money is as good as it gets … legally. Almost anyone can get into it. No restrictions except health. Investment. It gives you the opportunity to start your own trucking business, drive nice equipment, and start making money immediately. The average driver makes $1,500 to $2500 driving someone elses equipment and the average owner operator can make up to $8000 a week. The average is probably more like $5000. The think is there are a hundred variables but the one thing that is consistent, is the sky is the limit and many operators end up building fleets or going into Semi Trucking where the possibilities are endless. Alls it takes is determination, a natural born hustler, organization and financial skills. It is a business after all and you need to run it like one.

Do your due diligence, Knowledge is power – educate yourself – plan your work – work your plan.

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